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Sunday, 15 November 2015

How To Remove Powered By Blogger Attribution From Blogger

November 15, 2015
How to remove powered by blogger attribution

Welcome Bloggers, now in this article I am going to guide you 'How to remove Powered by Blogger Attribution from Blogger'. Basically when we install or upload blogger template on Blogger and preview it in the browser, we could see that there are blogger attribution and link. If you want to remove or hide it from your visitors, then you can remove it by the following method, otherwise it’s not effect on the SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and just this is only promotion for Google search engine. This is only for information that the blog or site is hosted by the Google Blogging Platform. As we can see the wordpress attributions on some blogs which means that those blogs are hosted on wordpress platform. Basically, we cannot remove these attributions from our sites or blogs but generally we can only hide these from our visitors by some Css coding.

How to Remove Powered By Blogger Attribution from Blogger Platform

First of all this trick is only for Google Blogger users who want to remove the attribute from their site without redirecting to any other site.

First go to your blog dashboard at your google account >> go to Template >> Edit Html.

Now Copy the following CSS Code and paste it on your blog HTML document, just before the </head>  tag.

  #Attribution1 {
    display: none;

Now check your blog, the google attribute will be hidden from the site visitors, and your blog template will look like a premium and professional template, and people will more like to come to your site and maybe share your content with their social friends.

Thanks to read my small article on the google attribute. So if you like this then share our educational voice with your social friends and if you have any questions, Comments the comment us below.
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