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One Year Diploma CIT & Typing Courses In KPK Buner (FCC Swari)

FCC stands for Frontier Computer College which is located in District Buner Swari. In The FCC, students are taught different courses related to IT & computer.

Most of us especially, students & young generations are spending their precious time by roaming around their villages & doing nothing while they don't get the advantage of what ALLAH (SWT) has bestowed us.

We people have very less time to take advantage of & to do something that can help us in near the future.

We all know that Technology is day by day raising its level & day by day it is becoming more important for everyone in their daily life especially for young generation because if we don't keep knowledge about the Technology (IT) then we're considered as unlettered people which don't have any knowledge to fight against the poverty & joblessness.
FCC In Swari Buner

Learning Computer is not totally for a Job to get but learning Computer is necessary for every human being because, in this technology era, we've no business to do offline, in fact, Offline Business has taken its face towards online business.

In every movement of life, we need a computer & internet to get in touch with these such things.
If you're one of them who just thinks to start taking computer courses but not do it in practical then don't be like those people, just get the advantage of what Allah (SWT) has bestowed you.

Frontier Computer College is offering different computer courses i.e, One Year Diploma Course, CIT 3 & 6 Months & Also offering Typing Course at very affordable cost.

The Following Programs/Softwares Are Taught In The FCC Swari Buner:

#1 Microsoft Access
#2 Microsoft Excel
#3 Microsoft Power Point
#4 Microsoft Word
#5 Inpage
#6 Internet
#7 Operating System
#8 Corel Draw
#9 V.Basic
#10 C++
#11 DOC
#12 Hardware
Here is the CIT Fee Structure in the Screenshot:

You can take admission in the college by filling out the form or you can also directly contact the Frontier Computer College using the contact number above in the screenshot.

Fill out the form below & the college will contact you shortly.

Feel free to ask if you have any question regarding this post.
Note: We're not affiliated with the FCC.

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